The Zeologic Story

Zeologic is a journey of discovery to find the ‘holy grail’ of Zeolites. Containing Activated Mordenite alumina silica (AMAS), Zeologic is the healthiest and most potent detox supplement ever available and the first ever Zeolite-based product to incorporate the healing benefits of Manuka Honey into its formula.

Rene De La Soyo


Rene’s Zeolite journey began almost 20 years ago when a revolutionary product called Megamin was introduced to the European market with extraordinary claims of curing diseases and promising miraculous benefits for human health. Rene witnessed the incredible health benefits and was fortunate enough to introduce the product to Australia, New Zealand and China.

New Zealand

Zeologic is a journey of discovery to find the 'holy grail' of Zeolites.

There are many Zeolite deposits in the world and they are all of a different type and quality. Quality depends on the amount of alumina silica and the purity of its negatively charged crystalline cage. Deep in the pristine nature of New Zealand a vein of the purest Zeolite Mordenite was discovered. It is the youngest, purest and the most potent Zeolite containing 70.8% of alumina silica and a clean negatively charged crystalline cage.

It is this Zeolite that is then activated to form a part of the Zeologic Active Base Mix – the core of all Zeologic products.

In our industrial and polluted world, there was an opportunity and a need to develop a natural, pure remedy to combat the pollutants of everyday life and support a healthy body.

Rene found the 'holy grail' of Zeolites and set about developing the healthiest and most potent dietary supplements ever available. Rene established the company Biogene to collaborate with scientists and supplement developers and spent years researching how to carefully choose ingredients that would complement the already amazing Activated Mordenite alumina silica (AMAS) used in all Zeologic products.

Biogene is an expert developer of Zeolite based products called Zeologic – a new generation of healthy dietary supplements with many and various benefits for human wellbeing. After more than 20 years, Rene is excited to introduce the benefits of AMAS to everyone. Zeologic – Power detox is safe, effective and easy to enjoy. Zeologic – Power Detox is the ultimate body detox.

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