Nature’s own ultimate detox. Zeolites work to cleanse and purify your body by capturing and eliminating toxins and pollutants

300 Million
Years Ago

Activated Mordenite
alumina silica

Volcanic Ash
& Saline Water

What is AMAS

Activated Mordenite alumina silica (AMAS) is the core ingredient of Zeolite Power Detox. Zeolites are volcanic minerals that were formed around 300 million years ago.

Two important features make them unique, their crystalline cage-like structure and their composition of alumina silica. The crystalline cage is negatively charged which means zeolites can attract and draw all kinds of positively charged metals (chemicals, toxins etc) to their cage.

Zeolites are graded on their capacity to exchange (metals, chemicals, toxins etc.). The more alumina silica in the Zeolite, the stronger the drawing power, and the cleaner (or emptier) the crystalline cage, the more metals, chemical and toxins the zeolite can exchange. And here you have the wonderful and unique power of zeolites.

There are about 45 natural zeolites and their properties depend on conditions during formation. Not all perform in the same way. Zeologic, in its Active Base Mix contains Activated Mordenite alumina silica (AMAS) and is sourced from the pristine north island of New Zealand. AMAS’s uncontaminated environment, pure (empty) crystalline cage and volume of alumina silica (over 70%) make it the most powerful zeolite in the world. A very unique and effective compound to form the corner stone of the Zeologic Range.

Capture Toxins, Eliminate Pollutants, Increase Health

As a body detoxifier, AMAS works to purify each and every cell. As it passes through your body, AMAS acts like a dragnet capturing toxins, air pollutants, food additives and heavy metals, eliminating them as waste. As it works to cleanse and purify, it instigates immediate body repair, allowing your body to rebalance the function of vital systems and organs.


Zeologic Power Detox is a natural potent body detoxifier which helps you to BE YOUR BEST by supporting all over body improvement and wellbeing.

Man Whyzeo
Dragnets toxins
from your body
Works to eliminate
air pollutants
Facilitates micro
managed cell
Works to eliminate
food additives
Supports increased
energy levels
Works to eliminate
heavy metals

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