Advances in Zeolite Science

Research into zeolite minerals began in the early 1900s and have been studied by nearly every type of modern scientific discipline since then. Learn about the advance in in Zeolite scientific discovery. Read More

Medical Applications of Zeolites

Zeolites have shown to have many beneficial applications. This article documents the medical applications of Zeolites. Read More

Zeolite & cancer treatment

A collections of articles and opinions regarding zeolites, how they work and how they may/may not play a role in the treatment of cancer. Read More

Zeolite Structures Loading with an Anticancer Compound as Drug Delivery Systems.

Two different structures of zeolites, faujasite (FAU) and Linde type A (LTA), were studied to investigate their suitability for drug delivery systems (DDS). Read More

There is a cure for diabetes

Description A collective effort of over thirty-five years of input from clients and pioneers of the live-food movement to heal diabetes naturally. Read More

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