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Power Detox 150g

$99.95 AUD inc GST p&h $15 AUD

AU$199.95 inc GST AU$279.95 p&h AU$20 - Price when buying 3 or more tubs

Power Detox 150g

Regular price $99.95 AUD inc GST p&h $15 AUD

$199.95 AUD inc GST $279.95 AUD p&h $20 AUD - Price when buying 3 or more tubs

Zeologic Power Detox is a natural potent body detoxifier in an easy mix powder.

Our specially designed Power Detox formula guarantees maximum results with the added benefits of vitamins C and B, Kiwi Fruit Extract, Manuka Honey and other key vitamins, minerals and plant based extracts.

Zeologic Power Detox helps to eliminate the ‘body burden’ of toxin compounds such as industrial waste, commercial chemicals, air pollutants, plastic by products, heavy metals, food additives and environmental chemicals in your blood. Zeologic Power Detox may also result in weight loss, perspiration and increased urination.

Zeologic Power Detox lets you BE YOUR BEST by boosting energy and supporting all over body improvement and wellbeing.

To maximise the effect of ZEOLOGIC - POWER DETOX and achieve a complete micro managed cleanse of respiratory and digestive functions together with the overall body repair, blend 5g (1 scoop) of POWER DETOX active formula with 200mls of fresh water, juice or NON-DAIRY smoothie and consume 30 minutes before your first meal. Zeologic Power Detox is a potent absorber. Drinking water frequently throughout the day will help the detoxifying process. Warnings/Allergens: Store in sealed container, in a cool place and out of sunlight. Use only as directed, always read the label. Recommended for adult use only at recommended rate. Increase in urination may occur during the initial weeks of treatment.

We recommend a 3 - month detox program to achieve a total body detox, cell purification, repair and regeneration.

A healthy diet combined with increased water intake and avoiding toxins, such as alcohol and nicotine, will assist the detoxifying process.

Recommended for adult use only at recommended rate.

Zeologic Active Base Mix:
AMAS (Activated Mordenite alumina silica)
Magnesium Carbonate
Manuka Honey
Vitamin B17
Kiwi Fruit Extract (Enzyme)
Vitamin B12

Power Detox:
Vitamin C
Oligo Fructose
Vitamin B6
Oregano extract

Flavours & Sweeteners:
Nature Identical Berry

Total: 10g

3 Monthly Tub Special

3 x 150g tubs of delicious easy to mix powder for a 3 month total detox

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Facilitates micro

managed cell


Dragnets toxins

from your body

Supports increased

energy levels

Works to eliminate

air pollutants

Works to eliminate

food additives

Works to eliminate

heavy metals

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